Nom-Com 2014

I swore last year that I wouldn’t do this if I had to run a campaign to be on a committee. Well here we are, guess I got some explaining to do. But first let me remind you of last year

I wrote a series about my experience that basically ended up being 4 blog post(below).

Nom-Com Part 1 (Just getting started with the reading)

Nom-Com Part 2 (Discuss application ranking)

Nom-Com Part 3 (Details to what the NomCom was asked to do)

Nom-Com Part 4 (Summary and a request for changes to be made)


The committee last year didn’t have to run as only 3 people threw their name in the hat. That made that committee no less functional and they completed the task at hand. One great thing about the group was that we all agreed this process was broken and needed to be revisited. A couple of us offered to be “advisors” on such an election review committee to make sure that our concerns were heard. I believe we even tried to compile a list of items for review. I am not sure what PASS has planned, but this year they announced that the Nom-Com would also serve as ERC (Election Review Committee). I am sure the past President and board member from last year will make themselves available to answer questions, but I am not 100% certain that this will retain the momentum it had before. Think about it–many of the folks running have no idea what is involved in the process and may not even run into some of the issues we did as a nom-com.

The Explanation

Why did I decide to run? I have only been asked that once, so I guess here is my opportunity to tell you why. The election process has swung like a pendulum and it has landed too far in the opposite direction. The great election scandal that caused the last ERC made the new process meaningless.  The Nom-Com is to determine yes or no if a person is 1)Current PASS member 2)Previous PASS volunteer experience beyond speaking 3)Works in some capacity with SQL Server. If they answer yes then that person is clear to run for the BoD. The rankings are not used by the majority; don’t argue with me: look at the voting out come from last year–women hold a strong advantage in this process. These are only the of 2 biggest things that I see needing attention and I want this to have a positive note.

The Plan

I am planning on sitting here quietly, not making a bunch of noise, not reminding you to vote, not making phone calls, no emails, and I am not kissing babies. But if elected I plan on using my big mouth to get those big ideas heard. Program committee is not elected…why is NomCom? Rankings mean nothing as there is no value associated with them. For instance if I tell you getting pulled over in the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane means you get a ticket you might be concerned. But when I tell you it’s only $50 and doesn’t count against your license or insurance you probably have a different attitude. My list of ideas don’t just sit in my head, I try to vet them out with other people whom I respect. No one has called me crazy just yet.

If I don’t win, all I ask is that the pendulum not swing too far the other way; please find middle.

The Fresh Prince (#SQLSat294)

Or guess what? I am going to PHILLY for #SQLSat294!

If you think I have lost my mind just listen.

So this wraps up the spring travel schedule and should leave us at home till Indianapolis in August. Neither of us have ever been to Philadelphia. This is probably the furthest East I have been. We will be arriving on Thursday as Kerry [ B L O G | TWITTER ] is planning on attending the Friday Pre-con Stacia [ B L O G | TWITTER ] and Joey [ B L O G | TWITTER ] are putting on, Analytics Without Limits: The Modern BI Architecture Story. That should . . . → Read More: The Fresh Prince (#SQLSat294)

Big Challenges in Data Modeling – Ethical Data Modeling

This Thursday, April 24th 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific I will be participating in a Dataversity webinar. This panel discussion is all about Ethics. The panel will consist of our moderator Karen Lopez [ B L O G | TWITTER ] and panelist Denny Cherry [ B L O G | TWITTER ], Kerry Tyler [ B L O G | TWITTER ], and Len Silverston [ B L O G | TWITTER ].

Details: You can tweet us questions and comments #BCDModeling (Big Challenges in Data Modeling).

This should be a fun and witty panel and I hope you can join us.

. . . → Read More: Big Challenges in Data Modeling – Ethical Data Modeling

Orange County, but not including choppers

I am speaking in CA!

At least I don’t think it will include custom choppers. <SMILE> Well it appears that my good friends in Orange County have invited me to speak at their SQLSaturday. This event is happing on April 26, 2014 at the Goldenwest College. This will be #SQLSat289, and that sounds confusing because I did #SQLSat295 just a short while ago. You see you can commit to (sign the contract) up to 180 days out but no later than 120 days. So it is possible to be later in the calendar year but earlier in the numbering schema. Side note we are not hear to discuss or debate . . . → Read More: Orange County, but not including choppers

Houston, you are clear to land.

In other news I am going to Houston, Texas. I am sure many folks are thinking “So what?” or “Who cares?” And guess what? That isn’t going to prevent me from telling you about it.

There are a few things that are going to make this trip different, special and somewhat stressful. I will be making my first solo trip, yup I have never flown alone. No where, not ever. To be honest I have only made a few driving trips alone. I believe that would be Michigan in the late 90s and several trips back and forth to Nashville during our transition period. So this will be what . . . → Read More: Houston, you are clear to land.

Ikea here we come or AKA I’m presenting in Atlanta.

You guys this travel schedule for Spring is CRAZY. We are headed to Atlanta for the second time but this time it looks like we are both presenting. Ikea isn’t in Nashville so we love the fact that we get to go there too! Last year on our journey to Ikea we got stopped on the interstate because President Obama was delivering a commencement speech.

We Kerry will be traveling down on Thursday afternoon hoping to get there in time for dinner with friends. Then Kerry will work all day on Friday and I will …. well I just don’t know yet. Maybe I can go to Ikea alone, no . . . → Read More: Ikea here we come or AKA I’m presenting in Atlanta.

Wrap Up SQL Saturday Las Vegas


The last activity done before leaving on a trip is to check the weather and pack. I had packed earlier but still double checked on Tuesday to be certain that I had the appropriate clothing. WRONG! I had packed all jeans only to discover that it was going to be 80 degrees during our visit. I removed all but one pair of jeans and replaced them with capri pants, only to get to Las Vegas where it was colder than Nashville. That is okay it did warm up eventually. What beautiful weather we did had.

Ok, now back to my summary. We arrived on Wednesday knowing that there were . . . → Read More: Wrap Up SQL Saturday Las Vegas

Spring 2014 Where’s Waldo?

OMG spring is shaping up so nicely I can hardly stand it. But just to keep you informed of where you might find sightings of me I am putting together a little blog post. I try to keep it updated, we’ll see how that goes this time!

Date Where What Notes Status 4/5 Las Vegas, NV SQLSaturday #295 Accepted All travel plans made. 4/23 Orange County, CA SQLSaturday #289 Submitted – waiting All travel plans made. 5/7-9 San Jose, CA PASS BA Conference Submitted – not accepted Sad panda. 5/3 Atlanta, GA SQLSaturday #285 Submitted – Accepted Driving! & I get to visit IKEA! 5/10 Houston, TX SQLSaturday #308 Submitted . . . → Read More: Spring 2014 Where’s Waldo?

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless

Unless it is a

I am not sure if you heard the word but they are having their FIRST, yes I said 1st SQLSaturday in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Those folks at PASS and those of us in the community love it when a new city is added to the list of great places SQLSaturday has been held, but this one really warms our hearts. I have been trying to lend a hand here an there to help with this event and since I am getting there several days early I am sure I will be put on manual labor. But at the end of the day it is . . . → Read More: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless

TSQL Tuesday #052 – Argue Against A Popular Opinion

Don’t Be that Guy or 10 things I hate about you

It always comes to me as a surprise that it is TSQL Tuesday again. I guess time just slips by so quickly these days. This awesome month of March is brought to us by Michael Stewart [ BLOG | TWITTER ]. March is awesome by the way because it contains my birthday. If you haven’t heard about or figured out what this Tuesday stuff is all about drop me a line and I will not only sell you on the concept I will convince you to write your first post for next month.

So at first I thought . . . → Read More: TSQL Tuesday #052 – Argue Against A Popular Opinion