WIT Summit 2014

Recapping the Women in Technology Luncheon


As a member of the PASS Women in Technology virtual Chapter I had been on several planning meetings throughout the past year about the luncheon. I had known for some time that they were hoping to secure Kimberly Bryant [  TWITTER  |  Linkedin  ] as our guest speaker.

If you are unaware Kimberly started the organization Black Girls Code [ TWITTER ]. She “hopes to provide  young and pre-teen girls of color opportunities to learn in-demand skills in technology and computer programming at a time when they are naturally thinking about what they want to be when they grow up.”

To be perfectly honest with you after hearing that she had confirmed and would be speaking at the luncheon I had decided I didn’t want to go. The encouragement and working with young girls to get them involved in STEM is important don’t get me wrong. But I have started to feel out of place, I don’t have any children, no nieces or nephews, and none of my friends have children. Then there is the age old feeling a lot of us involved in the chapter have been feeling, that feeling of all we do is talk and never take action. Sure I am a big girl and could seek opportunities out on my own and I will take all the hard knocks on being lazy.

A week or so before Summit I was asked if I would like to be a live blogger for the luncheon. I decided that this was a great opportunity as I have never been given this opportunity before. I have to say I was glad I went. Kimberly is a great speaker, does a wonderful job of relating to you and can keep the conversation lively. The stage was set with two large leather chairs where Kimberly and PASS VP of Marketing, Denise McInerneyTWITTER  |  BLOG  ] sat and chatted. Denise had a list of questions she used to spark the conversation.


I don’t want to bore you by recapping the entire event, you can watch the PASStv recording here. But I will tell you a couple of things that stuck with me and that I had tweeted about.


This image was taken from the Black Girls Code website. They have it set to show selected tweets about them.

The parent challenge was actually a question/comment from the audience. Kalen Delaney [ sqlqueenBLOG  ] got up and told the crowd that it was every parent’s responsibility to teach boys that there is nothing wrong with smart girls. As I looked across the room I saw a lot of nodding. Kimberly talked about the struggles that young women face in college. They are generally one of only a few females in a technical degree program, college is expensive and it is really hard for them to share/relate how things are going for them. I believe she mentioned mentoring programs for college students. I personally love this idea and actually had a lovely conversation on my flight leg from SEA to DEN with Kathi Kellenberger  [   TWITTER  |  BLOG  ]. Kathi actually participates in a program at home.

It was also really great to hear Kimberly say something in a sassy manner that I have been complaining about for years. “Do Legos really need to be pink? I don’t think so!” I get so annoyed that everyone thinks that because I am a girl I want everything pink or in pastels. And even more annoying than that is paying more money for girl versions of things just because I don’t want to smell like a boy.

For my final thought something Kimberly talked about really struck home. She mentioned unconscious bias, and that we needed to work on ourselves to not display/use/rely on it. I thought it was interesting that there was a name for something I had been thinking about lately. With all the things on the news lately that are racially charged and with all the hate we see towards people who are not like us I wondered where and how you draw the line on stereo types and personal experiences. All interesting IMO.



I am live tweeting the #SUMMIT14 #WIT.


Where to find Tammy

During the next week you may find it hard to track me down. But I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty that I will be in these places at the times listed below. If you miss me, just shoot me an email or tweet so I can let you know where I will be. I will try to put updates as I know more.


SQLSaturday Meeting 2p-3:3 Chapter Leader Meeting 3:45p-6 SQL Karaoke 9:30p-?



Regional Mentor Meeting 12-1p


WIT Luncheon 11:45-1:15p OUT OF POCKET 5p-?


QA with the Board 1p-2:15 Community Zone 2p-3

Last minute thoughts for Summit 2014

I have written before about Summit and the kind of things to take/pack/do. But I feel that some things have changed and that I am smarter now so I want to revisit this list.



Before a trip we use the dining room table as a place to hold things we want to take and don’t currently need to use. We fondly refer to this as the staging table. I started staging things about a week or so ago. Also make a list of things you don’t want to be without during your trip so you can check it off as it goes in the bag.

If you plan . . . → Read More: Last minute thoughts for Summit 2014

What an honor.

I am so excited and honored to share some exciting news. Last week I got a few burst of good news and I just can’t keep it inside any more. Honestly I just wanted to SING out loud.

I have been officially accepted into the Dun & Bradstreet MVP program. I am so delighted to have this honor and I am looking forward to the great things we can do together!!!

Of course I am not getting an Grammy or anything but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get 30 seconds to thank a few folks. First OMG a great big thanks to Kim Schmidt [ FACEBOOK | Twitter . . . → Read More: What an honor.

Farewell TechEd

Microsoft announced last week the name of its new all in one conference that would take the place of several other items, one of which is TechEd. There is still one last chance to attend a TechEd, Europe conference but it starts on October 28 and it in Barcelona Spain. MS Ignite will happen May 2015 in Chicago. But honestly that isn’t what I wanted to talk about.

For the last 2 years I have attended TechEd and represented PASS at their booth on the vendor floor. 2013 was spectacular! Our booth saw a lot of traffic. People coming by asking technical questions, learning about SQLSaturday and finding local chapters. . . . → Read More: Farewell TechEd

SQLSaturday Schedule printing, now made easier.

I have been playing with Power BI items lately and have found some really good uses and some really big shortcomings. But today while I was playing with something an idea popped into my head. As a SQLSaturday organizer I found creating the schedule for print was a PITA. I have seen people just print the screen, which makes blowing it up to poster size a bit of a mess. I had to cut and paste, fix, format and it ends up a hot mess like below so I think I ended up just typing it.

So let me give you a better option. This is so easy I . . . → Read More: SQLSaturday Schedule printing, now made easier.

I’m not that kind of smart

AKA: Why I haven’t gotten certified.

I have never really been one to worry about how many acronyms you could tag after your name. And to be quite honest it never really mattered to me how big those letters actually were, because at the end of the day you put your pants on the same way I do every single morning. But that isn’t what I want to post about.

I have been asked before why I don’t spend some of this current free time working on getting certified. All this time I have deferred the question and made up excuses I really never thought it through until recently. Last . . . → Read More: I’m not that kind of smart

Countdown to PASS Summit 2014

Just in case you needed a gentle reminder.


Time till 1st meeting (Volunteer Meeting Room 2AB)



Time till Summit Kick-Off (Welcome Reception)

PASS, Stickers, and BaCon

There has been a lot of things going on within the #SQLCommunity lately. Largely based on decisions the PASS Board of Directors have made recently. Some folks are out right against some things, others are like “MEH” what ever this too shall pass and some are agreeing to see change but don’t exactly like what/how it is happening.

Last night while talking with friends about some of these happenings Kerry walked into the dinning room and picked up a stray PASS sticker. You see I have a bag that I carry to events that has a small stash of swag, mostly stickers and a few pins. Some how one little . . . → Read More: PASS, Stickers, and BaCon