#TSQL2sday Dealer’s Choice

It always comes to me as a surprise that it is TSQL Tuesday again. I guess time just slips by so quickly these days. If you haven’t heard about or figured out what this Tuesday stuff is all about drop me a line and I will not only sell you on the concept I will convince you to write your first post for next month and even give you a spot to post it.  This month it’s the 99th, amazing that a community has been able to manage this for so long.  This time AAaron Bertrand [    b    |     ] has given us a choice and actually titled it “Dealer’s Choice“.  I’m more of a 5-card stud kind of girl but this also very amusing.  Door #1 “hear about something you are passionate about, outside of the SQL Server or tech community” and Door #2 ” have a long laundry list of T-SQL bad habits (there’s a big index here). What’s your favorite one? Which one do you disagree with most vehemently? What bad habits are missing from my list? ”


So what am I passionate about? Nothing. Ok that isn’t really true. But there are no crazy dark seekrits that I’m going to be spilling. I don’t LARP, Karate, or any other thing that might need to be looked up. But there are a couple of things that consume a lot of my time and my heart.

Food, Family, and Fun

My definition of Family is a far stretching one and if I call you my friend you are now given notice that I consider you family. But seriously I work hard to create dinner experiences and if you’ve ever been over for dinner I think you understand what I mean. We have a large garden (I don’t take a lot of photos out there any more) and I spend a lot of time tending to it and preserving its bounty. It brings a smile to my face to come up from the basement with a pile of stuff that I canned earlier in the year and produce a meal. This is something that of course I run out of time for, but I always come back. I love the meal planning, I love the fun tablescapes (looks like I need to load current photos) and I guess it is just a creative outlet. I want everyone to sit down to a meal and I want it to mean something. My dogs are my children. I can’t imagine my life without them and sometimes they demand that I sit with them, or that I take them outside for a stroll in the yard and sometimes they just want to be next to me. I love that about them.

Being real

Last year I decided I was tired, frustrated with the fake front so many people were putting on. I wanted to not be that person just saying things and never doing anything about it. I want to really be involved, really reach out and really mean what I say. I’ve worked hard at paying attention and watching what goes on and I’ve tried hard to be sincere. I’ve tried to own what I say and I’ve tried to be more “there” and honestly it’s been more good for me than I realized. It is refreshing!

Seeing the world

I’ve been doing trips for #SQLSaturdays and work almost exclusively since 2010. I had decided that the time was running by and I was missing out on the cities were visiting. Last year I became very diligent on getting out and seeing something not the speaker dinner and not the venue. So in every city, we’ve been trying to get there a tick early and see something. I’ve been collecting little pieces from every city and pinning them to the wall.

Passion not allowed

One thing we were not allowed to talk about for this post is the tech community. But I have to say for the last year, year and a half I have taken to helping individuals in  the #SQLCommunity as much as I can. I’m a bleeding heart, jump in with both feet and do what I can. I blogged about helping new speakers and am proud to say we had 8 new speakers #SQLSatNash .  I can’t imagine my life without paying it forward.


All in all, I think I am a pretty boring person and if I am inclined to be involved with anything I am passionate about it. I’m a very efficient person and don’t like to waste time. So I am passionate about all the things.

Where am I Acing to next?


I’ll never be able to express how grateful I am for the opportunity and for the supplement to my travel budget that Idera Software has given me. Thanks Idera for making me an ACE! Hopefully soon I will get go work on some technical post but today I am here to talk about my next trip. #SQLSatTampa.

This is a new adventure for Kerry and I and we are super excited to hang out with a few of our dearest friends while we are there. Nothing like a little dose of #SQLFamily right before my birthday! We are heading down a day or two early and catching some sunshine, . . . → Read More: Where am I Acing to next?

Acing in Cleveland

Acing in Cleveland, what’s that mean?

I am very excited to announce that during PASS Summit last year, I was awarded the honor of Idera Ace. Idera has placed a great amount of confidence in me in that they are allowing to represent them at community events. They have given me access to some great tools, some awesome Idera swag and are even giving me a little travel money to help me reach more people.

On to the other reason for this post: HELLO CLEVELAND! Yes, I am returning to the great city. I couldn’t remember when the last visit was so of course I had to look it . . . → Read More: Acing in Cleveland

TSQL Tuesday #96: Folks Who Have Made a Difference

It always comes to me as a surprise that it is TSQL Tuesday again. I guess time just slips by so quickly these days. If you haven’t heard about or figured out what this Tuesday stuff is all about drop me a line and I will not only sell you on the concept I will convince you to write your first post for next month. We have Ewald Cress ( B | T ) to thank for this month’s topic.

As I go about my daily life I often give thought to how I got where I am and to those who helped me get here. I try to . . . → Read More: TSQL Tuesday #96: Folks Who Have Made a Difference

First Time Speakers #SQLSatNash

SQLSat Nashville is chaired by yours truly and there are a few things I want everyone to know about this event.

2018 will be the 5th year I’ve been at the helm of this event and every year we’ve worked to help community members. We have offered Pre-Cons to seasoned speakers that wanted to try longer teaching sessions. Last year we hooked first-time SQLSaturday speakers up with mentors to help them.

For 2018 we are again offering first-time speakers mentors and opportunities to update abstracts after the CFS ends. This will give you a little more time to finesse your submission after working with your mentor. We’ve had several folks . . . → Read More: First Time Speakers #SQLSatNash

Summit 2017

Well here we are that time of year again, FALL and full up pumpkin spice. But more importantly it’s time to make your plans for PASS Summit 2017. Kerry had a work requirement to write a bunch of blog post so I have unfortunately given him a loot of my good ideas. But I still have some good advice.

What to pack A jacket that is good for rain and cold. Make sure it has plenty of pockets to hold all your goodies. I’ve actually sewn extra pockets on the inside of 2 jacket. DON’T bring an umbrella. There is no where to stow then and a PITA to contend . . . → Read More: Summit 2017

Inside SQLSaturday – The Schedule

So in the previous post we discovered how each SQLSaturday gets sessions for their event; if you missed reading that, the short answer is that it is all up to the speakers in the #SQLCommunity. Now we are going to figure out how schedules are made.

How many sessions do we choose?

Well, some events select every speaker and just build out a schedule from there. Some events use a different method; this is the most common way: # of predicted attendees /number of seats in a room = # of rooms needed, and then # of rooms * # of time slots = # of sessions needed. The second . . . → Read More: Inside SQLSaturday – The Schedule

Inside SQLSaturday – Sessions

I had planned on titling this “Mommy, where do SQLSaturday Sessions come from?”; but since I already had this series going I thought I would stick to the proper format.

Speakers: Where do they come from?

Every SQLSaturday is hosted on the PASS SQLSaturday website. When an event goes live, there is generally a couple hours until some 2000+ emails are sent out to ALL folks that have ever presented at a SQLSaturday. Since these events can go live anywhere from 6 months to 180 days before the event it is hard sometimes for speakers to remember when an event is. This also means that we get emails for EVERY . . . → Read More: Inside SQLSaturday – Sessions

Inside SQLSaturday – Who and How

So it has become obvious over the years that attendees are pretty much in the dark when it comes to the inner workings of a SQLSaturday event. I am going to work on this series again only this time for attendees. We’ve started the process of organizing SQLSatNash 2018 so it’s a good time to write as we go through the process. Today I want to fill in the blanks of WHO and HOW.


Have you ever wondered who organizes a SQLSaturday event? How they got that job? Well every event has a different who and there is no one from Pass directly involved with an event. Pass provides . . . → Read More: Inside SQLSaturday – Who and How

Lifestyle, no one is wrong

Here I am talking about beliefs again. But damn it, it is really bothering me. Everyone makes choices for their lifestyle and their work-life-balance, it’s okay we don’t have to all be the same because that would be boring. But let’s be honest everyone has an opinion, some folks do make what is considered bad choices on a regular basis and we all do make mistakes. This doesn’t make anyone better than anyone else. This doesn’t make it okay for you to dismiss what others might feel/want or need.

Children are great and many choose to have them. They might also have a lifestyle of running kids to sports, practice, . . . → Read More: Lifestyle, no one is wrong