World Hijab Day

Yesterday (2/1) was World Hijab Day. This was a day to show support for women around the world for their right to wear a hijab. This is the 5th year of the event and their goal is to focus on fighting bigotry, discrimination, and prejudice against Muslim women. I saw several hash tags being used throughout the day like #worldhijabday and #istand4hijab. There was a call to post a selfie or photo with these tags while wearing your hijab, Instagram is even full of post.

Well last week when I discovered that this was going to be a real thing, I did what anyone would do research and place an amazon order. Several things that I learned is that wearing a hijab is generally a 2 part deal. There is an under scarf or head covering (ninja cap or tube scarf) and then there is the hijab the free flowing scarf. Hijabs are made from many different materials and come in any color or design you can imagine. Now they are not supposed to be a fashion accessory, but some of them are super pretty. One thing that I didn’t know is that there are dozens of ways to tie wrap yourself and that they all require some sort of pinning. But of course the internet is full of videos but I watched Leena. The root purpose here is to cover your hair, chest and neck.


This was important. If you see a woman who is assaulted by having her hijab pulled off it is recommended that you do not engage with the assailant. You should rush to her aid and help her by 1) consoling her; let her know you are there to help and 2) help her get covered, offer her your coat/sweater/scarf 3) help her get to safety. If you are wondering what the big deal is imagine for a moment you are in public and some tears down your bottoms and exposes to everyone; you’d be horrified and this the same feeling they have. This hijab is a covering, a showing of modesty and we ALL need to respect that.

What it felt like wearing a hijab

I made a trip into town to do some running. This is the first time I have ever worn head covering that wasn’t like being wrapped up for Indiana winters (you know when you can hardly move and all so you can go get sweaty in the snow). I didn’t have a normal under scarf, I used a tube top and tied it in the back with a hair band halving my pony tail.  The weird things to me were having a ball of hair in a spot where I couldn’t sit back in the seat, guess I should have done a bun or something. The other thing was that I have crazy peripheral vision, I could see the scarf at all times. Since I didn’t really know what I was doing I had some minor wardrobe malfunctions in keeping everything in place. I am sure practice makes perfect and that having someone physically teach you really helps. I also figured out that Leena in the videos possibly always wears chiffons and light materials because I was hot (I was wearing 2 head coverings).

What Happened while wearing a hijab

Nothing really. But here is my account of the stops I made in order.

  1. The bank. My first stop I was intimidated, I didn’t know what to expect. I had to walk out past a few guys standing in line but I was busy looking down.
  2. Sam’s Club. Well this is interesting I forgot to get my card out when I walked in and no one asked for it. Also everyone working in the store was super nice and friendly, like everyone said “Hi” or “Good Morning”. Never had that happen at Sam’s.
  3. Wal-mart. There was one redneck looking dude that I felt like was following me for a little bit. But there was this exchange with the check out operator, after I told her about my hijab and she said it was really pretty.
  4. Publix. There was an older woman that gave me a disgusted look when I was entering the check outs.
  5. Liquor store, they know me so it was a non-issue.

Me: “Can’t protest without signs.” (I had a stack of poster board & markers.)

Her: “What are you protesting?”

Me: “I don’t know what ever comes next.”

Her: “No kidding, you can never be to prepared these days.”


Here I am ready to go!

Here I am feeling like I just can’t keep myself together.

Here are my protestor supplies! Markers and spray paint underneath!!!


All in all, I felt a tick scared when I walked out the door as I wasn’t sure what I might be faced with. So the next time I see a Muslim woman wearing a hijab I will smile and nod at her. I just wanted to show love, respect and support to others who are not like me but in the end I learned a great deal.

Great Things from Pass Summit 2016

I have been home from Pass Summit 2016 for less than two days and needed to express some of the greatness last week had. First I’d like to share something personal; I had the great fortune of padding a few days before and a few days after the Summit for some fun and sight seeing. I got to visit Woodinville one day on both weekends and it was pretty amazing. If you want to skip and get to just the news click here.

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Elections and no Politics – VOTE for Pass BoD

It is that time of year again, time to vote. Not only do Americans get to vote soon for the next POTUS, Pass members from around the world get to vote for three (3) board of director seats. This year there are 2 Regional; USA/Canada & LATAM. The 3rd is an open, meaning any candidate can assume this seat. Why it is important to vote These seats are important to everyone, not just the region they represent. Each board member is assigned a portfolio to manage, those portfolios have a great impact on the community. For us locally the big portfolios are Chapters & SQLSaturday, these hit closer to . . . → Read More: Elections and no Politics – VOTE for Pass BoD

The Season of SQLSaturdays has begun

Date Location Submission Status 4/2 SQLSat 497 Huntington Beach CA SPEAKING Speaking just after lunch! 5/21 SQLSat 521 Atlanta GA SPEAKING! 6/4 SLQSat 517 Philly SPEAKING! 8am (someone hates me) 6/25 SQLSat 498 Chattanooga SPEAKING! Mid Morning 7/16 SQLSat 527 Columbus, OH SPEAKING! 8/13 SQLSat 530 Indianapolis SPEAKING! Last slot of the day, pretty sure that I have held that spot every time.

This is the current plan, of course there will be more added. I have been working on a new session, guessing that deadline of needing to present it on 4/2 will really help. I’m planning a what’s new in Microsoft Business Intelligence 2016 – More Love . . . → Read More: The Season of SQLSaturdays has begun

Visualizing SQLSaturday Data–Session Details

Recently I downloaded the session submissions report from the SQLSaturday Admin site, it was time to work on the schedule. But first I must upload it into my SQLSat480 database. I like having a database year over year and I just love to play with data. So I ran some queries to give me information about my submissions. While relaying these details to my husband I declared “I need to put this into PowerBI”. When he got home from work he was able to see what it was I had created and said “so what did that take you like half an hour”, “Pffft!” I said, “like 10 minutes”. On . . . → Read More: Visualizing SQLSaturday Data–Session Details

#TSQL2SDAY – Data Modeling Gone Wrong

Here we are again, time for TSQL2sDay. This is actually the 72nd one, that is long enough to finance and pay off a car these days. This month our gracious host is none other than Mickey Stuewe ( BLOG | TWITTER ) and she’s asked us to tell a story about Data Modeling Gone Wrong. I have to say that I really no nothing about a data model going wrong. Now hold on I am not done yet. You are wondering WTH?! is this girl still sick? Has she lost her marbles? I’ve never had these issues because:

Reasons Applications Egos



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Power BI–Visualizing SQLSaturday Data

Inside SQLSaturday

This morning I was having a discussion with my husband about our SQLSaturday location. He is extremely concerned that moving the event further away from downtown Nashville would hurt attendance. I tried discussing it with him but he finally said “I’d like to see the data so we could know where everyone is coming from.” I said well I have all the data give me a minute. 10 minutes later I am Skyping him asking how to share with him the 2 Power BI maps I have made.

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Starting over with Power BI

I had decided it was time to write a new presentation and happily chose Power BI, being that it’s the new hotness and looks to be the future of Business Intelligence. My timing couldn’t have been better with the general release going live recently it seems like now is the time to get going. I have titled this starting over because I had been using Power BI to create maps and other fun things inside Excel; it seems fitting since the changes to Power BI are coming in fast and furious. So I am here to tell you what it took to get back on track with this new release.

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#SQLSatIndy, Shaving Yak and Power BI

You are probably wondering how these things are all related. I love summer, when there isn’t a signed SOW I can find a million things to do outdoors. I love being out in the sun. This leaves me very unmotivated to be indoors doing things, like writing new presentations. Hence the problem.

The Indianapolis SQLSaturday is near and dear to our hearts. First we love Hope Foley [ BLOG | TWITTER ], she’s one kick ass woman and she’ really an inspiration. Next Indy is only an hour away from our family and they were the first user group I ever attended. So it’s no surprise that we both submitted . . . → Read More: #SQLSatIndy, Shaving Yak and Power BI

5 Simple things I forget about SSRS – Multi Select Parameters

For some reason whenever I get to working on a report I am really irritated at how I “forget” that SSRS doesn’t handle multi-select parameters at all. I am irritated at myself for pushing this horrid fact from my brain, my reluctance to remember or maybe that the painful truth is a coping mechanism or I am just in denial–maybe it’s been fixed.. Then I am reminded how Microsoft failed us by not making this an actual feature. I feel the writing has been on the wall for a while now SSRS is a fading technology. I do however know that there will be SSRS servers running for years to . . . → Read More: 5 Simple things I forget about SSRS – Multi Select Parameters