Just about the dogs

Well here we are again. There has been no cooking in my house for some time. More or less we’ve eaten out or tossed something together. A few times we may not of even eaten.

A week or so back I was cleaning and packing up some stuff at my house. I found this picture of Hunter, I am guessing he’s 3 months or so. I just look at this picture and it melts my heart.

Something weird is going on in my house. Sunday and Monday Hunter was sick, NO REALY SICK. The liquid poo just fell out of him, he would look at me with those . . . → Read More: Just about the dogs

it’s saturday

I have been a little side tracked this week, there is just a lot going on. I have been testing an application and having to do things out of order. Also had to let someone know at the exact moment that I broke anything due to the timing and urgency. This means that my test summary document will be incredibly screwed up. 🙂 But I did find something really interesting. Our security department implemented a new auth page to run on Apache Tomcat, that’s really nice of them. It’s called CAS auth. Well funny some moron decided to set the login to only >2 are valid. Nice since about 64 . . . → Read More: it’s saturday

random things

So there is a flood light, actually a pair at the corner of my house in the back yard. I have been here for 4 years now and have never been able to figure out how to turn it on. Sure I found a random light switch that did nothing but I never figured out this light. New bulbs and everything. GUESS WHAT?! Tonight as I walked into the house the light came on and I was able to turn it off and on with the random switch. Please pray that I don’t burn up in a house fire tonight. 🙂 Thanks.

I need to update my blogging software and . . . → Read More: random things

Update on our Gwen

Well a week ago tomorrow we took Gwen back for her “7” day check up. They were really impressed with her progress and how well she was doing. She is doing so well that she has become a pretty decent pain in the ass. I realize most of it is the medicine. She is EXTRA hungry! and will damn near do anything to get back in the house at an attempt to find a few extra kibbles left by the rest of the pack. She seems to be dealing well with the restricted activity, she is however moving around a bunch tonight. Today was the first off day for the . . . → Read More: Update on our Gwen

all about the dogs

First let me tell you that today has been one of those days, YES ALREADY that about make you crazy. Gwen is feeling so much better that she has returned to being s stubborn pain in my ass. She wanted to go for a walk instead of peeing this morning and failed to follow my instructions to return. Can’t pull on her to hard for fear of hurting her neck. ARGGG! So we get back into the routine of getting ready, feeding and etc. This is where the next saga comes in. EVERYONE seems to be concerned that there will be 1 fucking piece of kibble left behind. Gwen eats . . . → Read More: all about the dogs

Gwen – update

Ok we are finally home! Gwen has a ruptured/slipped otherwise unhappy disc in her neck. This is an issue because if not corrected she could become paralyzed. They are extremely confident that she can be treated without surgery. Which is excellent news! The only other good news was that the bill was only $46 including her meds. Her standing around holding one foot in the air is the same thing that happened to me with the sciatic nerve, guess her foot tingles too. J They are requesting that we contain her to a crate for the next 4 weeks. She can go outside 4 times a day and if she . . . → Read More: Gwen – update


So here I am not working but at home. I mean it is what I wanted but under different circumstances. There is something terribly wrong with her. She’s 10 years old has had seizures for most of those years and is suppose to have a hear murmur. Her seizures are mild and only occur about 1 time a quarter. We don’t medicate her as that would be worse for her life than the 15 minute ordeal. The murmur by one doctors account isn’t worth talking about and another says it is serious. When I put my hand on her chest her heart beat is quite freaky. So her current problem . . . → Read More: Wednesday

Stop visiting she’s not your puppy anymore

I know this seems really harsh but the reality of the matter is that you couldn’t take care of her and you gave her up. She is my baby girl now.

Last night when we were returning to my house from KLT’s we had separate cars. I pull in the drive and start to unload a few things when the neighbors pull in. Well great KLT is close behind with a truck load of dogs, and he’s dressed and in a hurry to go ride his bicycle. Before he gets there the neighbor ask if they can come see the dog tonight. I tell her maybe that Suzie . . . → Read More: Stop visiting she’s not your puppy anymore

What is wrong with this world?

I generally make it a policy to not post from work but today I feel the need to make an exception. I just need to get this off my chest! What is wrong with this world? EVERYTHING!

Last night we decided that mowing the lawn and ordering pizza was a good idea. For the record this will be the last order to Papa Johns! My 12 pizza and some “cheese” sticks came to $21.00. Apparently they charge a delivery fee. No tip for you dude, talk to Papa John he collected $2 for delivery. Here are the notable things, while the prices of their pizzas and other menu items have . . . → Read More: What is wrong with this world?


Every DAY I look out the window

Every DAY it makes me sad

So so sorry Suzi Q