Inside SQLSaturday

I have decided to start a series of blog post called Inside SQLSaturday. I want to share the good, the bad and the ugly of planning a SQLSaturday. The intent is to share this information to not only help other organizers but to hopefully give #SQLCommunity an idea of what goes into one of these events. This page will be used as a table of contents making it easier to find topics when you need them.

Why would you want to hear anything I have to say? I spent 2 years in Alumni Relations at Purdue University. I organized events ranging from student activities and Alumni gatherings to private fundraising events. The department I worked in had a much smaller budget than many of the other departments which gave me an opportunity to be creative and design many of the programs and invitations myself. Last year I attended/spoke at over 10 SQLSaturday events across the nation and this year I hosted my second and very successful SQLSaturday in Nashville. Hopefully these experiences can assist you.

I also want to shed light on what goes into a SQLSaturday event so that attendees understand how limited organizers are when it comes to some things. Organizers share stories and we love to relay our favorite event evaluation feedback. It’s odd to think that an organizer has any control over a projector screen suddenly falling off the wall or the ability to keep toilets from backing up.


Category Post Title
 Finance  Inside SQLSatruday – PayPal
 Sponsors  Inside SQLSaturday – Romancing your Sponsors
 Reporting  Power BI – Visualizing SQL Saturday – Registration Details
Power BI – Visualizing SQL Saturday – Session Details
Organizing Inside SQLSaturday – Who & How
Inside SQLSaturday – Sessions
Inside SQLSaturday – Schedule
Coming Soon! Inside SQLSaturday – Meals & Refreshments

These experiences are my own and are not an opinion of PASS or SQLSaturday.