a minor rant

So you know I just really wanted to keep my site about useful information reciepes, prodcut and resturaunt reviews and the like. For some reason I just need to get this one off my chest and to be honest it’s not a big deal more like a splinter under my skin. Lately I have started increasing the number of people I am following on Twitter to include more of my hobbies and more of my work skills and that has brought on lost of new things to read. Most would find the information helpful, validating and new; I however have not. I really don’t mean to toot my own horn . . . → Read More: a minor rant

Product Review – SanDisk 8gb SD cards – OH HELL YEAH!

I am pretty sure that there are a couple of companies out there that just know how to pull my credit card out of my pocket and get me to hit check out. SanDisk knows the way to this girls hear OMG buy 3 SD cards, free shipping and mail in rebate. Earlier in 2008 SanDisk ran a sale on 4 gb cards, I bought 3 and got a $75 rebate. So honestly I am pretty set on SD cards I have 3-4gb cards, a 2 gb and 2- 1 gb cards. Wonder what happened when right before Christmas I got an email alerting me about a 3 card deal . . . → Read More: Product Review – SanDisk 8gb SD cards – OH HELL YEAH!