PASS Summit 2013, the summary


Location, Location, Location

Those are the 3 rules of real estate. But it was quite the conversation this year. I heard many things being discussed about why this was good or bad. First there was the disappointment that the registration numbers didn’t look that elevated for the surrounding area. But until everything is finalized that one remains neutral. One of my friends complained that the flight cost them nearly $400 each but a normal flight to Seattle was only $150. I said that my flights to Seattle are about $400-450 and the non-stop is seasonal so it sucks even more. This year we were able to drive which only . . . → Read More: PASS Summit 2013, the summary

#SQLSat249 San Diego

Well La Jolla to be exact!!!!

What a great weekend with #SQLFamily. I believe this is the farthest we’ve traveled to attend a SQL Saturday. Had we driven it would have taken 28 hours and we’d put 2,041 on the car just to get there. Good thing we have the modern marvels of flight. Instead we rode in the back of a Southwest 737 for just short of 4 hours. So much fun to leave Nashville at 8 am and arrive at 10 am local time. Fun until 8 pm local time when I start to get sleepy!!!

We had an action packed weekend. There was a BBQ on . . . → Read More: #SQLSat249 San Diego


This to me is one of those fundamental rights that Americans choose to ignore. Not only do they ignore this right by not voting they vote uninformed, based on what their neighbor, family member or news add told them. People believe the craziest things in my opinion. I have been a very stubborn, bull headed and determined person my entire life. Some of that comes from the women folk side of my family and the rest of it purely out of not wanting to fit in. Once I discovered that you don’t have to belong to a political party to vote and that you can vote for anyone on the . . . → Read More: VOTE!

NomCom Part 3

So it’s mostly done; we’ve read all the applications, conducted all the interviews and ranked all of the applicants. I am not here to tell you what I think is wrong with entire process I am here to enlighten you on how this works. Maybe later if you are really good you can have my advice and my thoughts about process.

Definitions Qualified

According to this is what qualified means. a: fitted (as by training or experience) for a given purpose :competent b : having complied with the specific requirements or precedent conditions (as for an office or employment) : eligible

According to PASS the qualifications/requirements for being on . . . → Read More: NomCom Part 3

Event Planning Suggestions

Not just for SQLSaturday

I have visited SQLSaturdays, I have spoke at SQLSatrudays and I am starting the planning for my own here in Nashville. I have learned so many things and I have listened to the small complaints, don’t get me wrong they are not huge deals but I have been keeping notes. I am going to break this down into a list hopefully it will help remind me and help you with your next event.

I guess now is a good time to tell you that I have experience as an event planner. Ha! Bet you didn’t know that. When I worked for the School of . . . → Read More: Event Planning Suggestions


… don’t let me have any rights!

So I went to the office on Tuesday as I normally do. This time I actually had my one-on-one with my boss. We have a leave each other alone sort of relationship, I try really hard not to bother him with petty things and copy him on anything that might blow up. But today we are doing our new mid-year review which is a short conversation. I am told I am a high meets and that the new management criteria for doing exceeds is that you have to go out of your way to do other things not assigned to you without being . . . → Read More: I’M JUST A GIRL

NomCom Part 1

So this week PASS started accepting applications for seats on the Board of Directors.

Let me tell you what we have done so far as the nomination committee. I will leave out all the boring details of schedules, meetings, and reading by-laws and just stick to the real work. We were tasked with two important things that all had to be done prior to the announcement this week.

First is the application. We each made suggestions and requested a bit more information regarding the requirements within the document. The changes that were suggested were just more or less to make things a bit easier to understand. There are also a . . . → Read More: NomCom Part 1


I interrupt my scheduled blog post to bring you this important post. Yeah that’s right I had some stuff to talk about, you know the wrap up of #MsTechEd and well now I forget. But I have things!

So if you were not paying attention PASS Headquarters announced that June 12 submissions to be on the Nomination Committee would open and would end on June 19th (blog article). On June 18th a dear friend of mine poked me and asked if I had considered it. Well my answer was …..errrr most people complain about this process. So I started doing the research and asking other dear friends who had inside . . . → Read More: PASS-NOMCOM

#MSTECHED Day 1- the drive

Well most trips we take end up with me being irritated at Kerry because he’s sitting around on his butt while I am running around like a fool trying to get things ready. We should not assume this time would be any different. I had all my items packed and ready on Saturday leaving me just the cooler and food to pack up on Sunday. Of course he’s discovered a computer issue at home and spends nearly an hour working on it, and it’s still isn’t fixed. (Hopefully I can find someone here to talk about Exchange with.) In that time I got the car completely loaded and ready to . . . → Read More: #MSTECHED Day 1- the drive