TSQL Tuesday #44 Second Chances

It always comes to me as a surprise that it is TSQL Tuesday again. I guess time just slips by so quickly these days. This fine month of July is brought to us by Bradley Ball, got to love his handle (SQLBalls) [ BLOG | TWITTER ]. If you haven’t heard about or figured out what this Tuesday stuff is all about drop me a line and I will not only sell you on the concept I will convince you to write your first post for next month.

I have sat around the camp fire so to speak and listened to my great peers tell me stories of deleting . . . → Read More: TSQL Tuesday #44 Second Chances

T-SQL Tuesday #43 – Hello, Operator?

Guess what it is that time again, time for T-SQL Tuesday. I missed last month and want to take a moment to tell you why. I had what I thought was the most beautiful post I have done so far. Heart felt, honest and encouraging for others. In a BIZZARE WordPress failure I lost the entire post. I tried so hard for the next 3 days to recreate it but couldn’t. I was dealing with hurt feelings of having a husband who responds with “I told you not to write in WordPress” and a dad who was a bit eager to sit in front of me and talk while I . . . → Read More: T-SQL Tuesday #43 – Hello, Operator?

TSQL2sDay #37 JOIN


Well this is quiet a request for our T-SQL Tuesday. This is to JOIN someone who is already writing a post a day this month all related to JOIN. WOW! I had no idea there was so much to talk about. So if you are JOIN curious like me check this out:

A Join A Day

This T-SQL Tuesday invite is part of my December 2012 “A Join A Day” blog post series. You can find the table of contents with all posts published so far in the introductory post: A Join A Day – Introduction.

Any way back to business this month is hosted by sqlity.net. What . . . → Read More: TSQL2sDay #37 JOIN

A DBA’s Ethics T-SQL Tuesday #30

This month Chris Shaw (blog|twitter) brings to us a deep topic for T-SQL Tuesday. He’s asking us to talk about DBA Ethics, you don’t have to be a DBA just a SQL Professional. Thanks Chris for hosting and getting us thinking.

So here we are at another fine T-SQL Tuesday. When Kerry mentioned that he was going to get busy and write last night I asked him what the topic was and he said “DBA Ethics”. From there my mind went crazy thinking about Ethics, how many times I have had mine challenged and what all of this would mean. He stayed up late and worked on his blog post . . . → Read More: A DBA’s Ethics T-SQL Tuesday #30

TSQL2sDay – Jack of All Trades…

Argenis Fernandez was ever so kind as to host TSQL2sDay this month and the question he asked was:


Are you specialized? On something? Or anything at all? Has that been a good or a bad thing? Why? Are you the SQL guy at work? Or the one who does everything? Do you code? And configure wireless routers at work also? If you had to pick one thing to specialize on, what would it be?

So, in this installment of T-SQL Tuesday I’d like to ask you to blog about your experience. Tell us why you specialized, or why you’d like to specialize. If you don’t think that specialization . . . → Read More: TSQL2sDay – Jack of All Trades…