All about that Ace, that Ace

Well, after taking the month of July off from travel you’d think I would be well rested and ready to roll again.  Rested yes! Ready to roll is debatable. I just love summer and I love being at home with my pups and my very busy garden.  This has been a crazy bountiful growing season. But enough about that.

So where I am off to this month? Indianapolis! Indiana is home to us and we enjoy going back for a quick visit and supporting the local community.  Indy was our first user group experience. So on 8/11 if you want to get some free #SQLLearning join us at #SQLSatIndy

SSRS; Not everything is a dashboard

This is a fairly new session, I am hoping that I don’t run into projector and machine issues like I did in Chicago. I’m really excited about SSRS and that it’s still alive.  Stop by my session and we’ll have an open conversation about when and why you’d want to use SSRS.  We’ll also look for the class to share their experiences.

Thank you to Idera for sponsoring my trip!

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