An ACE in Pensacola


I am super excited to be heading to Pensacola for #SQLSat734.  It’s approximately a 6 hour drive, so we hope make it into town mid-afternoon on Thursday. While we are staying at this same hotel, I’m positive my view will not be as great. 😉

Last year I surprised everyone who knows me. You see I’ve never been a big fan of seafood.  But I arrived on like Wednesday and ate seafood at every opportunity. There were so many fun places I can’t wait to revisit some of them.

I will be presenting “Introduction to Business Intelligence” with my husband Kerry Tyler [     |     ]. This session is for someone who barely understands that BI stands for Business Intelligence. We want to open your eyes to the opportunities and BI that surround you every day.  We really enjoy giving this session, we all often forget that there are so many folks who are just starting out.  So if you get a chance join us!


I can’t wait to hang out with my #sqlfamily.  I truly can’t thank Idera enough for their support.



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