Brioche Dough Part 2 of 3 ~ Doughnuts and Doughnut holes.


So first thing  I went to the fridge and grabbed what felt like enough (~1 lb). I rolled it out on a floured surface and cut doughnuts out, using the rest of the dough to make of course doughnut holes. The dough was a tick sticky so I was dusting with flour often and turning my dough.  I made 4 doughnuts and about a dozen holes.  In place of the round cutters that I still don’t own even though they have been on my Christmas list 3 years in a row I used a rocks glass to cut the big circle and my apple corer for the center.  These turned out rather small but all said it was more than enough, I have learned that “size” is not a limiting for Kerry he’ll still eat 4.


I let them rise covered on the counter until KLT got up (about an hour or so), don’t worry they didn’t rise that much. While I waited I mixed up some glaze (powder sugar + vanilla + cream or water) and mixed up some cinnamon and sugar for the doughnut holes. Once he got up we fired up the deep fryer 350-375 degrees (which had new oil) and started making our own doughnuts!!  On our second round of making dough nuts (at a later date) I thinned some chocolate frosting and frosted the doughnut holes, oh WOW! were they good.

I made the holes first and there was a reason for that.  I could “snack” on them while cooking and not get my hands in a horrible mess.  Here are the holes cooking, funny thing they tend to get a heavy side and you spend a fair aomout of time working on rolling them around. 


Rolling the doughnut holes in cinnamon and sugar!!


Doughnut holes ready to eat.

Time to make the doughnuts!  I grabbed a wood skewer to use for turning the doughnuts and getting them out.  It worked out easier than the basket and the other strainer I use when frying. 


While they were still warm I turned them in the glaze a few times.  The OMG! finished product. FRESH HOT AND NOW!!


We very much enjoyed this and would probably do it again!!

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