Lifestyle, no one is wrong

Here I am talking about beliefs again. But damn it, it is really bothering me. Everyone makes choices for their lifestyle and their work-life-balance, it’s okay we don’t have to all be the same because that would be boring. But let’s be honest everyone has an opinion, some folks do make what is considered bad choices on a regular basis and we all do make mistakes. This doesn’t make anyone better than anyone else. This doesn’t make it okay for you to dismiss what others might feel/want or need.

Children are great and many choose to have them. They might also have a lifestyle of running kids to sports, practice, doctors, and the list goes on. I don’t have kids but I do like sitting down to the table for dinner in the 6 pm or so time frame. I like being a family and having discussion over a meal and glass of wine. It is important to me and I don’t like shit getting in the way of that. My need to cook dinner and set the table is no less important than Junior getting to ball practice.

3.5 Acres and a garden that is 20×60. <-That right there is my summer. Dead fall (trees and limbs to clean up), gardening to do (including preserving food for later), mowing and general maintenance of a house and lawn. We made the choice to want this kind of “old fashioned” lifestyle. Others live in apartments or just pay to have things done. Neither lifestyle is wrong but asking me to throw money at a “problem” isn’t the solution for us.

Some people think that my “not working” is just terrible. I should get a job. Well I’ll be honest I would love some billable hours. But my not working means that I spend a fair amount of time doing work around here that Kerry doesn’t have to take on. This works for us. Others might make a spouse work for who knows what reasons. Each choice made is theirs to make. More money as a solution doesn’t make for greater happiness, IMO.

We are home bodies. Seriously we do travel and a lot of times right before a trip I want to bail as I would rather just be at home. We have no issues being “locked up” here for days or even a whole week at a time. We don’t like to deal with the public, we don’t like spending a ton of money to eat and drink when we can sit right here and enjoy things even more. Sure some of my friends can’t even spend a full 24-hours in their house/property. Maybe I can’t understand why you’d work so hard to pay for something so nice and never be there to enjoy it, but I don’t think you are wrong. We get a lot of ribbing about being here all the time. “OH how do you stand each other being home 24/7?” Easy Kerry is upstairs working, I am not.

We also have a no back to back weekends gone rule. Yup. It is too hard to keep up with things around here, especially in the summer if we are gone back to back weekends. We were gone just over a week in July and it really hurt a few of the plants and killed the back yard, sorry but we did hire help and they screwed that up. We kind of like our rule and the few times we’ve made exceptions we were really glad to get back to the rule. I don’t judge any of my friends who just pack up and live on the road for weeks at a time.

We don’t eat out often and haven’t had fast food in years! I was 16 when I had my last McDonald’s hamburger. We might go out to eat once a week; but honestly it’s just up the road to the Mexican Restaurant because it is simple, they know us and it is close by. We eat fairly clean and make almost everything we consume. Sure a lot of people roll their eyes but you know what I can pronounce ever ingredient in my chicken stock. I don’t agree with the direction Americans (fast-food and “all natural made from fruit and vegetable” gummy vitamins) are going mostly because I fear that children won’t learn how to eat properly and what is healthy. The long term impact of this could be a real issue. BUT I don’t JUDGE, I just hope when I am in the old folks home someone will home cook me meals. 😉

Some of my friends are vegetarians, some are vegans and some only eat certain things. Sure I understand and respect that. I never try to force someone to eat meat, sneak it in, or tell them they are wrong. I even took to vegetarian meal prep to be a better host. But I have been told multiple times I am a hypocrite for not eating meat off the bone. I have had our UG meal choices frowned upon, but I ate those meals and enjoyed them. My choice is mine as is yours. Respect everyone.

Everyone has a choice and sure we can have an opinion but we shouldn’t judge. This applies to all things in our lives, our choices for work-life balance, our family goals, our life styles. Not everything is for everyone but it’s not your place to tell them it’s wrong or to make them feel bad about their choices. Find respect and acceptance for everyone.

Now, get off my lawn!




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