Never trust Amtrak, always trust your friends.

I have heard from many people that taking the train to Chicago is a PIA.  Don’t do it the train is always late.  But then others tell me they did it all the time and it was a great experience. So here is what happened.

Upon arriving at the Lafayette Station some older gentleman who had a child in tow announced that the train was 2 hours late.  I ask several questions as I have t plane to catch in Chicago.  We were told that at 8 am they would be calling to tell us if they were sending a bus or not.  At 8 am no decision on the bus AND the train is now 2-4 hours late, hasn’t even left Ohio.  The child in tow thought it would be funny to hit the automatic door opener and hit my friend in the ass with the door.  When the older gentleman, who we assumed works for Amtrak was asked a question the little boy would sometimes shout out answers.  Like we asked “Can we get a refund on the ticket?”  Little boy “NO!”.  Awesome experience should of listened to everyone who told me the train was a bad idea.


Then while I am waiting to figure out what to do next I contact Amtrak to see how to get my money back and I am told to take my ticket back to the counter.  But we don’t have a ticket counter. They guy on the phone seriously said “well how did you get your ticket then?”.  Shouldn’t he know these things.  So this brings me to the rest of my dismay.  WHAT?!  I have to pay money to send you my ticket and wait for a refund. 

Email sent today to through their website.  Response is “sorry” and we are sending this to customer relations.  Oh BTW: “Due to higher than normal volume, please allow up to four weeks for a response.”  <-more awesome!

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