Restaurant Review – La Hacienda Nashville

Friday night between KLT getting off work and having to be back home to babysit some billing task we decided to run up to the closest mexica restaurant La Hacienda.  They had a very large and complex menu which in my opinion is quite common for a Mexican joint.  We were there just after 5 pm so we figured we could get in and out quickly and have good service.  Well one of those two things did prove to be true.  First I have to say that while the chairs chosen for this establishment were probably really cool looking they do not have the structure to be long term. My chair was pretty much a DON’T MOVE in kinda chair.  The wait staff appeared to be be all Spanish speaking.  Our waiter was neither friendly or helpful.  I even tried “gracious” when he filled my water, that didn’t help either. I waited for a long time to get refills and that just made me unhappy.  I also don’t appreciate being sat right inside the door where I have to deal with the door constantly opening blowing cold air on me and the 2 lines of people, those waiting to pay and those waiting for tables.  We were also on the main walkway meaning that people were racing past us all the time.  So about the food.


The salsa was “MEH”  it was too ketchupy for my likings.  I was able to get some ranch which is always nice.  We were not able to get more salsa 1 small dish for 2 people.  The food was really good and came with guacamole!!!!! 
I did enjoy my chimichanga, it was less fried than I expected.  So over all it was quick and relatively inexpensive.  I will try it again but will try not to sit inside the door and will hope for a more tentative. The google reviews disagree with my first assessment.


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