The Fresh Prince (#SQLSat294)

Or guess what? I am going to PHILLY for #SQLSat294!

If you think I have lost my mind just listen.

So this wraps up the spring travel schedule and should leave us at home till Indianapolis in August. Neither of us have ever been to Philadelphia. This is probably the furthest East I have been. We will be arriving on Thursday as KerryB L O G  |  TWITTER ] is planning on attending the Friday Pre-con Stacia [ B L O G  | TWITTER  ] and Joey [ B L O G  | TWITTER  ] are putting on, Analytics Without Limits: The Modern BI Architecture Story.  That should be a great session. As for me I will either be trying to get myself lost sight seeing or working on some things to help with SQLSaturday.

This time I will be presenting my other session, Designing and Implementing reports. That was kind of a surprise to me and now I have only a few days to prepare for all the demos and what not. Looks like I will be busy getting ready for this one. I am looking forward to seeing my #SQLFamily because I know this will be the last time I see them till August. There are so many people going to be there I can’t list them all but my dear friends KarenB L O G | TWITTER  ], Brian, Josh, Grant and Brandon are all there too! You should just check the schedule.

Being a PASS Regional Mentor comes with a few responsibilities, Saturday I will be manning the PASS both. I will be there to tell you all about the awesome things coming up, signing you up for the local user group and answering any questions you might have. Please stop by and see me!

Just for fun I thought I would show you parts of what goes into preparing for a trip. This is the dinning room table or as we call it “The Staging Table”. Yes this is where things start to get piled for packing. As you see there is some camera gear, cables, battery parts and I even see my #SQLSat lanyard. What you don’t see is the pile of batteries hanging from an outlet getting juiced up for the trip.


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