#TSQL2sday Dealer’s Choice

It always comes to me as a surprise that it is TSQL Tuesday again. I guess time just slips by so quickly these days. If you haven’t heard about or figured out what this Tuesday stuff is all about drop me a line and I will not only sell you on the concept I will convince you to write your first post for next month and even give you a spot to post it.  This month it’s the 99th, amazing that a community has been able to manage this for so long.  This time AAaron Bertrand [    b    |     ] has given us a choice and actually titled it “Dealer’s Choice“.  I’m more of a 5-card stud kind of girl but this also very amusing.  Door #1 “hear about something you are passionate about, outside of the SQL Server or tech community” and Door #2 ” have a long laundry list of T-SQL bad habits (there’s a big index here). What’s your favorite one? Which one do you disagree with most vehemently? What bad habits are missing from my list? ”


So what am I passionate about? Nothing. Ok that isn’t really true. But there are no crazy dark seekrits that I’m going to be spilling. I don’t LARP, Karate, or any other thing that might need to be looked up. But there are a couple of things that consume a lot of my time and my heart.

Food, Family, and Fun

My definition of Family is a far stretching one and if I call you my friend you are now given notice that I consider you family. But seriously I work hard to create dinner experiences and if you’ve ever been over for dinner I think you understand what I mean. We have a large garden (I don’t take a lot of photos out there any more) and I spend a lot of time tending to it and preserving its bounty. It brings a smile to my face to come up from the basement with a pile of stuff that I canned earlier in the year and produce a meal. This is something that of course I run out of time for, but I always come back. I love the meal planning, I love the fun tablescapes (looks like I need to load current photos) and I guess it is just a creative outlet. I want everyone to sit down to a meal and I want it to mean something. My dogs are my children. I can’t imagine my life without them and sometimes they demand that I sit with them, or that I take them outside for a stroll in the yard and sometimes they just want to be next to me. I love that about them.

Being real

Last year I decided I was tired, frustrated with the fake front so many people were putting on. I wanted to not be that person just saying things and never doing anything about it. I want to really be involved, really reach out and really mean what I say. I’ve worked hard at paying attention and watching what goes on and I’ve tried hard to be sincere. I’ve tried to own what I say and I’ve tried to be more “there” and honestly it’s been more good for me than I realized. It is refreshing!

Seeing the world

I’ve been doing trips for #SQLSaturdays and work almost exclusively since 2010. I had decided that the time was running by and I was missing out on the cities were visiting. Last year I became very diligent on getting out and seeing something not the speaker dinner and not the venue. So in every city, we’ve been trying to get there a tick early and see something. I’ve been collecting little pieces from every city and pinning them to the wall.

Passion not allowed

One thing we were not allowed to talk about for this post is the tech community. But I have to say for the last year, year and a half I have taken to helping individuals in  the #SQLCommunity as much as I can. I’m a bleeding heart, jump in with both feet and do what I can. I blogged about helping new speakers and am proud to say we had 8 new speakers #SQLSatNash .  I can’t imagine my life without paying it forward.


All in all, I think I am a pretty boring person and if I am inclined to be involved with anything I am passionate about it. I’m a very efficient person and don’t like to waste time. So I am passionate about all the things.

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