What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless

Unless it is a Print

I am not sure if you heard the word but they are having their FIRST, yes I said 1st SQLSaturday in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Those folks at PASS and those of us in the community love it when a new city is added to the list of great places SQLSaturday has been held, but this one really warms our hearts. I have been trying to lend a hand here an there to help with this event and since I am getting there several days early I am sure I will be put on manual labor. But at the end of the day it is a labor of love and I can’t help but be so excited.  So I hope you can join us for SQLSaturday #295.


I love list so let me give you a list of why I am so excited:

  • I have not been to Las Vegas since 2008 and remember folks I was going sometimes twice a year.
  • The weather has been, come on let us all be honest, SHIT all winter long and I can’t wait for some hot desert sun.
  • The over pass bridge, you know the one over the Hover Dam is done and I have not seen it yet.
  • I have not seen #SQLFamily in like almost 2 months.
  • I get to meet one of my dearest friends new boy friend, you know the kind that you change your Facebook status for.
  • Vegas is a SQLSaturday virgin and I get to say I was there to break her in.
  • This event was supposed to happen so we could celebrate 3 important birthdays; ERICA, her BF and MINE!
  • For the love of community do I need anything else?

So the “bad” news about this trip is that we are actually going to be there a week, we arrive Wednesday the second and return home on Wednesday the eighth. We are hoping to do a few sight seeing activities but haven’t decided on which ones. We’ve been to Mt. Charleston and the walking trails were easy and beautiful, would love to go back. We’ve been to the Valley of Fire and missed the Silica Domes, so we’d really like to do that. Then there is the over pass for the Hover Damn, we need to see it. We’ve rented a car so if anyone is around and would like to tag along please let us know, we’ll keep you in the loop.

_IGP1016   _IGP4078   _IGP1141

Not that you asked but I will be presenting my ever faithful “45 minutes until your first SSRS Report”. My goal with this session is to show everyone that isn’t a report writer how easy it is to use SSRS and how nice it is to not manually run queries all the time. I hope to help DBAs, data analyst and database developers everywhere.

If you haven’t looked into it, traveling and attending events like SQLSaturday can usually be counted as a non-reimbursed work expense, continuing education and etc. You should check with a professional and see if one of these trips could be less burdensome. Hope to see you soon!

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