Where am I Acing to next?


I’ll never be able to express how grateful I am for the opportunity and for the supplement to my travel budget that Idera Software has given me. Thanks Idera for making me an ACE! Hopefully soon I will get go work on some technical post but today I am here to talk about my next trip.  #SQLSatTampa.

This is a new adventure for Kerry and I and we are super excited to hang out with a few of our dearest friends while we are there. Nothing like a little dose of #SQLFamily right before my birthday! We are heading down a day or two early and catching some sunshine, this has been a brutal winter for Nashville (yes, I am whining!).

What am I presenting on? Well Kerry and I are doing our NEWBIE BI session, Introduction to Business Intelligence. This session is for someone who barely understands that BI stands for Business Intelligence. We want to open your eyes to the opportunities and BI that surround you every day.  This session is pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I had the opportunity at a previous employer to teach very non-technical folks how to be data analyst (yes you read that right). This really helped me figure out creative and new ways to explain stuff I had known forever. So if you get a chance join us!

Business Process Icons 1

Sneak Peek at BI


See you in a few weeks!!!


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